Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Old Jaffa  located in Jaffa is a must see for any visitor to Tel Aviv. This is the reputed point where Jonah boarded a ship and was later swallowed by a big fish. It is also one of the oldest ports in the world. edit Nearby is Jaffa´s famous Flea Market
  • Rabin Square. The biggest public square in Israel and site of PM Rabin’s assassination in 1995 is in Central Tel Aviv
  • Azriely Lookout, (by Tel Aviv Hashalom train station). Watch the entire Tel Aviv area from 200 meters high in Central Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv Port (namal) – a commercial area in Northern Tel Aviv with bars and nightclubs
  • Jaffa’s Railway Station (tachana) a historic outdoor shopping area, Jaffa
  • Dizengoff Centre – Israel’s most iconic shopping centre with a very lively food market every Thursday and Friday, Central Tel Aviv
  • Rothschild Boulevard – a lot of Bauhaus architecture, restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv’s prettiest street, Central Tel Aviv
  • Neve Tzedek – an historical part of town with art galleries and restaurants, Southern Tel Aviv
  • Florentin – a former working class neighborhood, now a bustling commercial zone keeping the working class character, Southern Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv University – Israel’s most lavish and beautiful university campus in Northern Tel Aviv.


The Beach.

A visit to Tel Aviv isn’t complete without a dip into its fantastic beach scene which is at its best in summer, especially during Friday afternoons, when crowds of buff beachgoers converge to take in the Brazilian drums, the smell of barbecues, the thwock, thwock of “matkot” as the sun sets. In summer be careful as there are jellyfish sometimes, ask the lifeguard or locals if there are any that day. When there are swarms of jellyfish (quite common at summer time), it’s advisable to stay on the beach and keep clear from the water. Even if one isn’t stung by a jellyfish, the water is full of small stings which cause slight burning sensation.
A craft fair is held in the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian zone in Central Tel Aviv

  • Amusement and water parks
    Luna Park Tel Aviv is Tel Aviv’s main amusement park. While the rides it has to offer are no competition to ones that can be found in other countries, it should still be considered for a visit by thrill-loving tourists, especially families with kids, since the park has a large number of child-friendly rides. The park has two rollercoasters. It is located very close to the Meimadyon water park.
  • The Meimadyon is a large waterpark very close to Luna Park Tel Aviv. It offers a varied selection of waterslides, both for thrill seekers and for children. During summer vacations the lines get fairly long, so it is recommended to try and visit the park at a time other than summer vacation.
  • “Superland” is a name of an amusement park within an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. It is in the city of Rishon Letzion and is often visited by people from Tel Aviv seeking better thrills than the ones at Luna Park Tel Aviv. While it has fewer rides, the rides it has to offer are often bigger and built more for the thrill seeker in the family. The park has two rollercoasters.
  • “Yamit 2000” is a waterpark within a half-hour bus ride from Tel Aviv, located in the nearby city of Holon. It is a large waterpark, parts of which are enclosed in a building. The park operates 364 days a year(it is closed on Yom Kippur). During the winter when there is low attendance, or cold/rainy weather, many of the park’s slides(usually the outdoor ones) open on rotation, whereas during warmer days with higher attendance all the park’s attractions are operational. The park is both child and thrill-seeker friendly.

Performing Arts
Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
Tel Aviv has the widest selection of performing arts in Israel.
Fans of classical music might enjoy Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Israel Opera.
The Barby (52, Kibutz Galuyot st., 03-5188123), and the Goldstar Zappa (24, Habarzel st., 03-6499550) present Israeli (and sometimes foreign) rock daily.
For more alternative and indie music with occasional jazz shows and electronic parties, head to Levontin 7, named after its street address or The OzenBar.
Tmuna Theater (8, Shontsino st., 03-5629462) alternates between local acts, both famous and unknown, and fringe theater productions in Hebrew.
Dance can be enjoyed in Suzanna Dellal Center in Neve Tzedek.
Theater is mostly performed in Hebrew, naturally, but English interpretation is available is some of the shows for extra-fees in Habima National Theater (03-6295555) and HaCameri Municipal Theater.