Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Heineken Experience $ 19

Skip the long lines to discover the dynamic world of Heineken, in the place where the beer was first brewed

Skip the line at the Heineken Experience and take a self-guided walk through the old brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. Throughout the tour the venue’s staff will tell you about the ingredients and the beer, and explain the brewing process, in English.

The Heineken Experience is located in Heineken’s first brewery in Amsterdam’s city center. In 1988 the brewery was closed when it became unable to meet the high production demand. Since 1991 it has been welcoming visitors from all over the world, and now offers visitors a self-guided interactive journey through the world of Heineken.

During the 90-minute visit, you’ll learn about the history of the Heineken company, the 4 natural ingredients used in making the beer, the brewing process, and the tasting room. You’ll also hear about the Heineken brand and the partnerships with UEFA Champions League and James Bond.

At the end of the tour you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy 2 Heinekens and discover how to pour the perfect draft Heineken.