Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Looks Dining

Excellent restaurant with delicious seafood and very nice service.

Looks has a small menu that changes every 6 weeks. Oysters, Entrecote and Lobster are always available. The changing menu is always surprising and refreshing. We cook with all seasons and preparing the classic ingredients with a personal twist. We want you as our guest to have a pleasant experience at Looks Dining.

Amsterdam’s Chinatown has a long history when it comes to food. Looks situated in the center, a forest of canals, bridges and 16th century buildings. The wide range of old asian restaurants, Looks stands out immediately. The first impression of the two ancient monumental buildings. But if you open the door you enter a warm, modern, international, urban occasion. At the entrance the kitchen, staff greets you kindly. With an open kitchen, guests can immediately see that we work with fresh products The building consists of many different levels connected by stairs. The rooms have their own character and look. Through a lot of levels and the use of illuminated glass creates a unit.

A restaurant has to be a fine, loose meeting place, not pinned, but laid back and relaxed. With friends and family tasting, laughing, by a nice bottle of wine. Looks stands for personal contact, so I would like to show and let you taste our hospitality (Jordy Slats).