Tour Guides in Israel


Eva Greenhat

I encourage my tourists to have conversations with local people, and to be open to absorb the complexities of this vibrant and history rich country.

English, Hungarian

Agustina Efrat

Want to have a meaningful experience in Israel, adapted to your interests? I am a professional, knowledgeable and fun guide who can make that happen.

English, Spanish

Amit Musaei

Expertise in guiding pilgrimages following Jesus' footsteps and leading educational trips, families & private tours.

English, Hebrew

Leontine Cohen Pauka

Private, tailor made tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and beyond, visit Israel with Leontine, an enthusiastic, experienced guide

English, French, Dutch

Nadia Samakh

A certified tour guide in English and French, I am passionate about uncovering Israel from the holiness of Jerusalem to the modernity of Tel Aviv

English, French

Itai Bar

Having been a Journalist, an Archeologist an a Chef in Israel I invite you to tour Israel with me and get a surprising view of this land and people.

English, Dutch, Hebrew

Chava Kahan

My passion for Israel/Holy Land, people, history and especially food will be passed over to you while I take you on this journey of a lifetime.

English, Hebrew

Itamar Keidan

Tour guide in Israel since 2000. Knowledgeable in many fields: history, archaeology, urban planning, nature and even birdwatching. lives in Tel-Aviv.

English, Spanish, Hebrew

Shlomo Cohen

Holidays is a time to discover and reconnect with your roots. Where you can do this better than in Israel and Jerusalem, the birthplace of monotheism?

English, French

Monica Salvatti

Shalom, let me guide you through the history, religion and famous places, knowing its people and local tastes!

English, Spanish, Portuguese

Lorne Newman

Shalom. I have a passion for Archaeology, History and Food and am excited to show people around the Land of Israel.


Ushi Engel

Private day tours in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea and elsewhere in Israel

English, German, Hebrew

Avi Puritz

Make that dream vacation to Israel as special as it can be! Let me show you ancient Jerusalem, exotic Jaffa and Modern Tel Aviv and much more.


Ofer Moghadam

Deutschsprachiger Reiseleiter - English Language Tour Guide - Jerusalem Day Tours - Dead Sea Day Tours - Tel Aviv Day Tours

English, German, Hebrew


I am here to give you the best experience of Israel with my private customized tours

English, Russian, Hebrew

Gadi Chelouche

Visiting in the Holy land or Israel is not a regular tour like other countries. See Israel with gadiguide.

English, Hebrew

Amri Wandel

Private tours of Israel, 1/2 day to several days. I specialize in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and Galilee. Highlights, History, Nature, Christianity.

English, French, Esperanto, German, Hebrew

Ebba Tate

Israel became my new home 40 years ago. It would be my greatest pleasure to show you this ancient yet modern country on a private tailor-made tour.

English, German, Hebrew

Yoav Shiloah

I'm a licensed tour guide. I speak fluent English and Spanish. Groups or independent travelers, I will be happy to be your guide in Israel.

English, Spanish, Hebrew

Yoel Taublid

Dear travelers I'm Joel, a certified Tour Guide by the Ministry of Tourism and my goal is to make your tour experience in Israel unforgetable!!

English, Spanish, Hebrew

Robby Berman

Robby is the only tour guide in Israel who is a Harvard graduate, a stand-up comic, a journalist and speaks English, Arabic and Hebrew fluently.


Frank Henne

looking, watching, sighting - and seeing your own picture of this freakishly beautiful piece of land

English, German

Shimon Palmer

Join me on a mind blowing journey through time, ideas, ancient ruins and places of worship- all the tragedies and triumphs of the human spirit!


Gavriel Dov Barkai

I love to entertain my guests with stories about Jerusalem, its inhabitants, their beliefs and traditions.

English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian