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Hi, this is your tour guide, who is not just a tour guide but a friend, escort and a travel companion. because personally I am fond of traveling.

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Rohit Bisht

I take great pride in showing Indian rich heritage and culture to all travellers. My aim as a guide would be to make your travel safe and comfortable.

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I am a freelance tour guide licensed by the Government of India. I live in Jodhpur, the city of Rajasthan.


Parveen Paul

I have traveled with my guests to all parts of India and declared ‘Best Escort of the Year’ on a number of occasions by different companies


Jai Singh

I am a native of Delhi. My work as a tour leader is fun and challenging also. Meeting new friends and watching them experience my city is my aim.


Viren Adolf D'Sa

Get ready to get off the cliche parts and see the real city using public transportation and meeting with the locals directly!!

English, Hindi

Vijendra rathore

Namaste come and explore the cultural capital of Rajasthan, Jodhpur. Beyond monuments and history its much more than that, the ocean of culture.

Daniel David

Come visit Mumbai one day experience of this island city where you get to see people from all over India with their different customs.

English, Russian, Hebrew


Come to India....This is a different part of the world...People have been dreaming of coming here and see it as a person....Take Mak with you....

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Ramesh Nambiar

Indian Sub-continental but mostly Delhi resident with Passion for Nature,Himalayas. keen interest in cuisines ( fish,pork & beef included)

English, French

Gajendra Singh Rathore

I encourage my tourists to have conversations with local people, and to be open to absorb the complexities of this vibrant and history rich country.

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Manoj Chauhan

My name is Manoj Kumar Chauhan. I am a tour guide Approved by Government of India, Department of Tourism.



Bengal - The sweetest part of India!!! come and enjoy its Diversity

English, Bengali, Bangla, Hindi

Naturalist India

Greetings from Mountains : Experience the life in wilderness of India, see the world from Himalayan Heights, Hike | learn | live



Its Just Not a Tour, Its a Feeling That will Make Your Heart Pounding Like Never Before, A Story That Will Drop Your Jaws and A Moment Worth Living.

English, Hindi


I am a freelance professional and experienced tour guide, trained and licensed by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India



I know Agra inside out be its History, Geography, Culture, Custom, Tradition, Religion & Film industry & its Locations.

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shailesh jethva

I have been a Mumbai sightseeing guide since 2010. It was the fulfillment of a dream I have had for over a decade. I have also license


Mohd Shahnawaz

Hi. NAMASTE means ' I bow to the soul enshrined in your body '. The role of tour guide for tourism is "Tourist guides are the front line tourism



Dear Friends, I have been more than 25 countries as a tourist , so I think may give you better understanding about travel.

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I have been working as a tour guide in Delhi and Agra since 12 years , I am English and Russian speaking guide always enjoy my work .

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Sanjay Kohli

I am a tour guide in Jaipur since 2005 having a very good knowledge about all over India specially in Dehli Agra and Jaipur and Rajasth

English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi

Sanjeev Kumar

Interpreter cum guide for promoting rural tourism and support tourist in attaining best services. Taking side of tourists and their safe journey.

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I have been working since 12 years in tourist sphere as a tour guide, I know my city very well and can show you the best, what is here.

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Jaisalmer tour guide

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