Tour Guides in Israel

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Michal David

I'm a tour guide and an archaeologist. I work with individuals, families and groups, leading tours all over Israel, especially Jerusalem.

English, Hebrew

Nico the Guide

Specialize in Private Customized Tours N Travel in Israel Providing accommodation, attraction, transportation and activities

English, Hebrew, Russian, Moldavian, Romanian


I am a 5th generation descendant of one of the families that founded Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa.

English, Hebrew

Gadi Bar- Shalom

Customized, affordable tours with expert, dedicated and experienced tour guide – flexible, fun and safe.

English, Hebrew

Alon Gat

If you want to see Israel in it's beauty - join me, for a tour of a life time.

English, Hebrew

Aryel Tsion

There is so much to see in the Biblical land, especially in Biblical Judea and Samaria. Come and see, with pleasure I will guide you around

English, Dutch

Boris Dibner

Будем знакомы. Меня зовут Борис, я экскурсовод. Гид, если вам так будет удобней.

Hebrew, Russian

Daniel Rozalis

If you want to have a young happy and smiling guide, but don't want to be instead of an interesting tour full of knowledge about Israel.

English, Hebrew

David Nizza

Geografia, storia, archeologia, società, conflitto e tanto altro.


Elena Chernova

Израиль – многогранен и разноцветен, в нем каждый  может найти и себя, и это - моя основная задача, как гида.

English, Hebrew, Russian

Eli Gertner

I'm a licensed tour guide, certified by Israel Ministry of Tourism. All arround and about Israel. Biblical places, history, nature, food and more...

English, Hebrew, Russian

Gily Dror

After a short professional experience in the Israeli IT industry her love for Israel’s sights

English, Hebrew

Haim Soffer

I am a licensed tour guide, which guide individuals and groups all over Israel. I am specialized in the history and the geography of the country.

English, Hebrew

Lior Ben David

Jeep tour at the Golan Hights springs 'valie Jordan river and 'military history of battales andold Syrian bunkers in the golan

English, Hebrew, Romanian

Lorne Newman

Shalom. I have a passion for Archaeology, History and Food and am excited to show people around the Land of Israel.


Mitch Bertman

I like to combine exciting outdoor and cultural activities with a deep understanding of history, religion, politics and sociology.

English, Hebrew

Moria Gabsi

Tour guide and tour educator (Birthrights and delegations), specialize in co-existence tourism and informal encounters.

English, Hebrew

Nabil Razzouk

I am a licensed tour guide / educator that specialize in family oriented tours, individuals, and small groups for a unique touring experience.

English, Hebrew, Arabic

Ofer Drori

After 40 years of guiding, still fresh and excited with every new visitor/client. Expert in Bible, archaeology, agriculture, nature and desert tours

English, Hebrew

Oren Solell

I don’t try to teach my guests, and don’t test their ability to absorb information.I just ensure that their visit to Israel is a memorable experience.

English, Hebrew

Rafael Silberstein

My philosophy is based on getting beyond the facade and really learn about the country, the different cultures, lifestyles and meet the local people.

English, Hebrew, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Romanian

Schmuel Kahn

Tourguide in German, Swiss-German, English and Hebrew! Come and enjoy an authentiv tour with Schmuel!

English, Hebrew, German

Tanya Ukrainsky

Professional licenced tourguide in Israel. With me the history is never boring!

English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish